Wednesdays @ 7pm 

Come To Save The World

The miracle of Christmas is that Jesus would choose to leave heaven, (think gold, angels and beauty), to be born in a barn and to live on this troubled planet. Why would anyone do that?   Jesus did it … because He was on a mission to save the world.  It sounds pretty lofty, sort of super-man-like, but in reality it’s as simple as emotional peace and spiritual wholeness. So He left heaven knowing He alone could bring that down.  While we are on this planet we all need saving sometimes.  Saving from the sins, troubles and cares. Whatever in you needs to be rescued, He comes with infusion of his salvation that is “rest unto your soul”.    

Join us for this three week journey as we rediscover through testimony, guest speakers and creative media the beauty of the story of the love story of Christmas. 


If Wednesday night at WCA doesn’t work for you, we have Connect Groups happening throughout Durham region through the week.  If you would like more information about places, times and current series, simply email

Available Fall Connect Groups

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