The astronauts, who will one day travel to Mars, will leave everything they know behind to boldly go where no one has gone before. Kids will learn about trusting God from the story of Abraham who trusted God completely, even when God asked him to do some really hard things. Kids will learn they can trust God and follow him in faith.

Memory Verse: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

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Winter Schedule

January 23 - Journey to Mars: Blast Off! (Week 1)

January 30 - Journey to Mars: Stay on Target (Week 2)

February 6 - Journey to Mars: Living In Space (Week 3)

February 13 - Movie

February 20 - Journey to Mars: By Your Command (Week 4)

February 27 - Begin a NEW SERIES - BUGS!

March 6 - Bugs Week 2

March 13 - Family Movie Night - March Break

March 20 - Bugs Week 3

March 27 - Bugs Week 4

April 3 - Bugs Week 5

April 10 - Bugs Week 6

April 17 - Movie (A Bug's Life)

April 24 - Bugs Week 7

May 8 - Bugs Week 8

May 15 - Grad Party! (Last night)


Lesson Overview

Blast Off – God called Abram to leave everything behind - his family, his friends, hisproperty - to go to an unknown destination. It was the first leg in a journey that lasted the rest of his life as Abram followed God.  Kids will state that God wants them to follow him. Genesis 12:1-9, God Calls Abram

Stay on Target – It wouldn’t be wise to lie to mission control if we forgot to do all of our preflight checks before taking off for Mars. Abraham learned the hard way that he needed to be honest at all times. Because when we lie, we are showing that we don’t trust God’s plan and we are trying to do things our way. Kids will say why being honest is important to God. Genesis 20:1-16, Abraham and Abimelek

Living In Space –  Will there one day be people living on Mars? It’s never happened before, but that doesn’t make it impossible! Abraham saw that God can make the impossible happen when his son Isaac was born. Kids will identify one thing they have a hard time believing God can help them with. Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-7, The Birth of Isaac.

By Your Command – Those who travel into deep space must follow orders; even if those ordersdon’t make sense, or are really hard to do. Abraham was willing to sacrifice the one thing he loved most because he trusted God’s command completely. Kids will identify something they may have to give up if they want to follow Jesus. Genesis 22:1-19, Abraham is Tested.