The Hidden Feelings

Our emotions can sometimes feel like we’re trying to tame a dragon. But God shows us how we can take control of our anger, fear and sadness, and have joy and peace in the midst of our other emotions.

Memory Verse: “I will be glad and full of joy because of you. Most High God, I will sing the praises of your name.” Psalm 9:2 (NIrV)

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Winter Schedule

January 23 - Journey to Mars: Blast Off! (Week 1)

January 30 - Journey to Mars: Stay on Target (Week 2)

February 6 - Cancelled due to Weather

February 13 - Journey to Mars: Living In Space (Week 3)

February 20 - Movie Night

February 27 - Cancelled due to Weather

March 6 - Journey to Mars: By Your Command (Week 4)

March 13 - Family Movie Night - March Break

March 20 - Journey to Mars (Week 5)

March 27 - STARTING NEW SERIES: How to Train your Emotions

April 3 - How to Train your Emotions Week 2

April 10 - Movie/Pyjama Night

April 17 - How to Train your Emotions Week 3

April 24 - How to Train your Emotions Week 4

May 8 - How to Train your Emotions Week 5

May 15 - Grad Party! (Last night)


Lesson Overview

Anger – The people of God were in the desert with no water to drink. Because they were thirsty,they were angry at Moses, and they were angry at God. Even in their anger, God loved his people and provided water in a miraculous way. Kids will learn “When I’m angry, I will remember God’s mercy for me and others.”Exodus 17:1-7, Water From the Rock.

Fear – When the storm hit, Jesus’ disciples let their fear overpower them. Then Jesus showed them that he is in control, and he stopped the storm. In times when we are afraid, we can tame our fear by turning to Jesus and remembering that he is in control. Kids will learn “When I’m afraid, I will remember God is in control.” Luke 8:22-25, Jesus Calms the Storm.

Sadness –  When Lazarus died, his sisters and all of his friends were very sad. When Jesus came to see them, he shared in their sadness. Jesus showed us that it is not wrong to feel sad, as even he wept in this story. But Jesus showed that you can be sad and still have peace if your hope is in God. He turned their sadness to joy, when he raised Lazarus back from the dead. In times of sadness, Jesus is with us, and he can give us peace and turn our sadness into joy. Kids will learn “When I’m sad, I will remember God’s love.” John 11:17-44, Jesus Raises Lazarus.

Joy – Paul and Silas were thrown into prison for telling people about Jesus. Most prisoners probably would have been filled with anger, sadness or fear. But Paul and Silas were filled with joy – singing songs of praise and praying to God. Even in the most terrible of times, if our focus and hope is on Jesus, we can have joy and peace. Kids will learn “When I focus on God, I have joy.” Acts 16:22-34, Paul and Silas in Prison.