What Is WC Kids?

Our goal in WC Kids is that each child will fall in love with Jesus, experience their own personal relationship with Him, and make great friends at each phase of life. We accomplish this through age-appropriate teaching, worship and activities.


First Time Here?

We're so excited to meet you! When you arrive on Sunday mornings, you'll notice a blue stand-up banner in the main lobby giving direction on where your child's classroom is located. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to find one of our friendly workers in a bright blue WC Kids T-shirt.


How Does Check-In Work?

At Whitby Christian, we want to protect your child(ren) as they are enjoying and participating in our various children's programs. With this in mind we have our electronic check in system that allows parents to sign in their children online through one of our check-in stations located both in the nursery and children's lobby. 

To start the check-in process, parents will proceed to a check-in station where they will find their child(ren) by last name in the database listed by classroom.

After finding your child's name in the database and signing them in, 2 tags will be printed:

  1. Your child's Name Tag to be worn during service.

  2. Your Parent Tag for you to hang on to during the service.

All of these tags will have a matching identification number that are unique to each child each week and will be displayed on the main screen during service if a classroom requires your assistance. After the service, you will return to your child's classroom and show your Parents Tag in order for your kid to be released back to you. 

In each of our classrooms our goal is create a safe and fun place for your little ones to belong, to be taught, and loved as they are given a great first impression of their Heavenly Father. 



For kids in Grades 1-5, our program is geared to engage them through active worship using various learning techniques and active participation. Biblical truths are presented on a weekly basis through a variety of games, activities and other dramatic avenues which will help our kids begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus!


Starting on September 25, we will be launching into a theme all about Monsters every Wednesday night at 7pm! Kids will learn every week how God wants to comfort them when they are scared and that He can use scary situations for good. It will be a great time with lessons, craft, prizes and fun! You won’t want to miss it!

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At WC Kids we value parents because we know that they are the most important people in a child’s life. Outside of a Sunday morning, we want to do our best to connect with you, equip you, and partner with you to ensure that your children understand biblical truths and how to live them out!

Day Camp Recap Video

We just finished our annual Kids Day Camp - ROAR! Here is a highlight video of everything that we did: